GoSpotCheck Environmental Branding

Lighting, and Signage, and Murals, oh my!

As Creative Director, I led the environmental branding to help bring this brand new, downtown Denver startup headquarters to life.

Photo of main entry area for GoSpotCheck, with creative direction by Brennan Gilbert

Denver startup, GoSpotCheck, moved into a brand new, award-winning building in the heart of lower downtown. As our Creative Director, I was given the opportunity to bring our brand to life throughout the beautiful, 4-story space.

A mentor once told me “money isn’t everything, but it begets opportunity.” With this project, I recognize we wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere close to what we accomplished without the proper funding. Yeah, it can be creatively inspiring to work within tight budget constraints. But man, when you’ve got a big budget, that can be extremely creatively empowering!

There were a number of highlights throughout this environmental branding project:

  1. The Entryway – A welcoming entry with prominent branding, an inviting waiting area, and a not-so-subtle barrier to visually block off the rest of floor one for employees. We worked with 3didentity to conceptualize and build our custom black box. The front featured our topographic brand pattern and a giant backlit GoSpotCheck logo – and one could change the lighting colors both behind the logo and at the front desk for seasonality. The back portion of the box was a closet with rolling garage door to house our marketing swag.
  2. Modern Space, Traditional Methods – GoSpotCheck's core value was "Do Great Work", and great work requires quality. So we utilized plenty of traditional artforms to show our commitment to craft, while also making the space feel warm and welcoming. We had hand-painted signage created by Brendan Lenahan with Atlas Sign Company. We prioritized high-quality vinyl and sophisticated fabrication methods. All a labor of love, and made a space that the team thrived in.
  3. Scott Listfield "Horizons" Mural – Because the office space was so large, we had named… well, basically everything. From the conference rooms, to the floors, to various open spaces. When you walked through the space starting on floor 1, up through the very top floor, the names reflected the history of the company. And since we didn’t want to have some awkward cap as some foreboding end to things, we named the top open floor space “Horizons” as a reference to what lie in the future ahead. Not to be that guy but I’d like to think I was a fan of Scott Listfield before he got big. I’d been following him for awhile when this project came up and he seemed like a perfect fit! His work was futuristic, always focused on his traveling spaceman character, who you see peering off into the unknown. That, paired with the fact that we’d always had a subtle space theme in our brand, and Scott was the obvious choice. I was very thankful to be able to orchestrate this project, partner with Scott for art direction, and fly him out – and even install massive scaffolding AND have him present to our team – all for his, what was then, 2nd ever mural.

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This full project took years and was a full-team effort. Thanks to the full GoSpotCheck team, notably Strategic Operations and Design.

Shoutout to Naomi Paskowitz for illustration and art direction.


Architecture: Tryba Architects

Interior Design: Pear Workplace Solutions

Environmental Design & Fabrication: 3didentity

Hand-Painted Signage: Atlas Sign Co.

Environmental Photography: James Florio

Vinyl: Ink Monstr and Midnight Visuals

Murals: Scott Listfield and Scot Lefavor

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