Medtronic GoSpotCheck Testimonial

Small Budget, Big Video

I led the creative direction for this high-end video case study for a software startup, GoSpotCheck, featuring medical industry giant, Medtronic.

Photo of a person holding an iPad in landscape mode, with a screenshot from the GoSpotCheck Medtronic video playing which itself features 2 actors in scrubs looking a mobile device together.

When GoSpotCheck was entering the medical field, my internal marketing team was tasked with creating a new case study using a flagship customer, Medtronic. We met the customer at their location for a 2-day shoot for both a video testimonial and photographic assets. I led art direction, and managed budget + resources.

Biggest lesson learned? Small budgets aren’t a dealbreaker. We used our customers and internal staff for modeling. We partnered with trusted vendors on video and photography. We shot on-location with the customer, for free. All in all, I learned that sometimes a small budget can be just the constraint needed for creative, quality work.

Please note: everything in this shoot was fake; no real humans were actually being operated on :)

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Creative Direction

Creative & Art Direction, Design Strategy, People & Project Management, Design Operations, Creative Leadership



In-house Marketing and Creative teams (shout out to Dan for managing the project, and Nicole & Shannon for the awesome acting skills)

Special thanks to the customer, Medtronic, for their time and resources in bringing this shoot to life on-site


Videography: Chris Barron & Team

Photography: Friends & Lovers Photography

Customer: Medtronic

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