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Where'd they go? Check Kaylo.

A good friend of mine came to me with an idea for a location-sharing app for families. We co-founded Kaylo, and launched the iOS app, Kaylo Care.

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Ideas are easy; it's the execution that's hard.

And there's no better way to learn this than by running your own company. So when a good friend of mine came to me with the idea of a location-sharing iOS app for families, and needed help building it, it was an easy yes.

The company – originally called "Kindred" before a name dispute – was Kaylo, a clever phonetic flip of "locate". And our original app was called "Kaylo Care", specifically targeted to families and nannies. The idea was simple: make location-sharing easy and automated for loved ones. No more annoyed texts like "Have you left work yet??".

Since we were appealing to families, and since location-sharing in general is, well, frightening, we needed a brand that was super friendly and buttoned up. We led with a subtle metaphor of plant life representing families. That paired with the startup MVP (minimal viable product aka what's the bare minimum needed to test this idea) approach informed our process. I oversaw the brand, product design, and marketing. My co-founder built the app and ran with the strategic vision.

We ran the business on the side for ~2 years before closing up shop. It's still one of my favorite projects to this day.

Launch Website


Brand Design & Direction

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Illustration

UI & UX Design

User research, journey mapping, UX design, and UI design for both the app and marketing site


Wordpress marketing website


Thanks to my good friend and co-founder, Danny Pier, for trusting me in brining this vision to life. It's always fun building something, but even better with good friends.

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