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Natalie Fetter began her photography business as Simple & Sweet Photography. But it didn’t take long to realize that her brand – or lack thereof – wasn’t own-able and didn’t accurately convey quality, professionalism, or price point. Is Natalie still one of the sweetest photographers you’ll meet? Yes. Is her process still effortless? You betcha. But Natalie came to me for a rebrand & marketing website that better reflected her true business. Say hello to Natalie Fetter Photography.

Photo mockup of a tote bag displaying the Natalie Fetter Photography brand symbol, set on top of a brightly lit photo set.

The project goal here was obvious: how do we encapsulate all the good stuff about Natalie and her business through a new brand?

I led our brand refresh process in partnership with our VP of Marketing. Together, and for the first time in the company’s history, we defined and documented the why behind the brand (mission, values, guardrails, etc.) to then inform an updated identity. I was personally responsible for all design work, spearheading brand surveys (both internal and external), brand exploration – typography updates, creative direction, photography, etc., as well as rolling out on the new, where I did design and solicited then managed the development team.

"This type of investment in my business was a huge leap and I am so thankful I trusted Brennan for it. He is SO creative, came up with ideas I never would have dreamed of, and was able to put vague thoughts I had into cohesive deliverables. Not only that – he is 100% punctual, meets every deadline, is wonderful at communicating updates, and answered the million questions I had with the patience of a saint. I look at my brand & website now with so much pride, and honestly, a few tears in my eyes. Thank you Brennan for being amazing at what you do!”

– Natalie Fetter, Owner

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Thank you to Natalie for entrusting me with your brand.

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