Crown Yourself with Success™

I helped serial entrepreneur DeAndré build his new lifestyle brand, NOCAP, into a reality.

A zoomed-in photo of a black hat with the NOCAP logo embroidered in white

Lifelong friend and entrepreneur, DeAndré Dowell, had a vision for a lifestyle brand after some life-changing events and key decisions. He came to me to help bring to life what was already in his head.

NOCAP is a brand without limits, promoting the idea that success comes from within and that no one can take that away from you. DeAndré knew he wanted to start with selling premium caps, so the mark needed to be simple, clean, and minimal while also telling the story of “crowning yourself with success”. I created his logo, and DeAndré took it from there, building his brand through an e-commerce website, merchandise, and social media.

Launch Website


Brand Design & Direction

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction


Thanks to DeAndré for trusting me with your vision and for the lifelong friendship.

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