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A single page site for investors

When RHI Group needed a quick but professional updated website, we worked together to launch a new landing page in 1 week's time.

Photo of a laptop showing the RHI Group single page website designed and developed by Brennan Gilbert

A project initiated by one of RHI Group's portfolio companies, Thanx, this website was a great, quick launch. The site updated the RHI brand, and clarified messaging for their audiences. I led creative direction, the brand update, UI design, and development.


  • Fluid typography – As a fun experiment, we implemented fluid typography on the site. Traditionally, type sizing (for example, having your primary headlines set to 48 pixels) is based on a few breakpoints: make it X size for desktops, Y size for tablets, and Z size for mobile.
  • 100% static for speed – I built the landing page using only HTML + CSS; no backend, no JS. By keeping things simple, we could move lightning fast and drastically improve load times.
  • Brand update – With brand design at my core, I couldn't help but update RHI Group's logo while doing this project. I fixed alignment, and minor typography issues, and updated the color palette to reflect the broader brand & portfolio companies.
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UI Design

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Creative Consulting, UI Design


Implementation, art direction, project management, web development



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