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An enterprise-grade brand needs an enterprise-grade marketing website. As the first public-facing asset post-brand refresh, I partnered with Thanx’s VP of Marketing to do a complete overhaul of the website.

Photo of a laptop in a bright kitchen, showing a screenshot of the homepage

The Thanx website was the first significant launch of the company’s completely refreshed brand identity. On top of that, the website had passed through all kinds of ownership over the years, with each marketer, developer, and designer adding their own layers of complexity into the backend. In other words, this project was an iceberg: polished rebrand above the surface and massive rework under the water.

I led end-to-end project management, creative direction, design, and communications throughout the entirety of this gigantic website overhaul. The site continues to evolve to this day, and the underlying infrastructure that we implemented as a team, enables us – and the brand – to evolve the site whenever we need.

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